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Probably the best contractor I have ever worked with.

Job Description:Performed and presented very detailed inspection report, removed old insulation and debris from crawlspace, replaced insulation, sealed ducts, wrapped and insulated ducts and pipes, sealed and screened vermin entry points, neutralized mold, odors, and insects.

My home has had an ongoing vermin issue and I live in an area that is saturated with springs. I also had some concerns about the crawlspace ductwork. I called Doug to inspect and give me an estimate for any work that might need to be done.

Doug Holsinger the owner and Ryan showed up exactly when promised to perform the inspection. After the inspection I received a complete and professional briefing of what they found and my options. What stood out during the briefing to me was both Doug and Ryan knew what they were talking about and it felt like they were looking out for my interests along with their own. They were also very good about telling me what did or did not need to be done under my home and why. Based on our conversation and a follow up, Doug sent me a bid which I ultimately accepted.

The Crawlspace Solution crew was right on time in the matching white crawlspace vans. I wish I could say more about the crew but they were pretty much invisible as was the debris from the crawlspace. They are a well oiled machine! Ryan built me an amazing hatch cover which I wasn't expecting and they eliminated the movement in my floor.

Probably the best contractor I have ever worked with.
- James S., Fox Island, WA, March, 2013

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I can not emphasize how professional these guys are... | I had someone else to do the repairs in 2010, wish I'd had Doug do it then! | If you want efficient and professional service with a smile, Crawl Space Solutions is the company to call. | Probably the best contractor I have ever worked with. | The team was very professional, clean, polite and courteous. | This was a very pleasant experience from start to finish. | Work was performed efficiently and completed within three days with little impact to us. | Would highly recommend this company to anyone needing crawl space restoration. |


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