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I can not emphasize how professional these guys are...

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Job Description: Remove nasty vapor barrier and replace with 12 mil white Canvex, sealed and secured. Remove old rodent damaged heater duct insulation. Seal leaky heater ducts. Insulate the sub-floor. Block all rodent and animal access points. (Click on image to view before and after pictures.)

The owner Doug Holsinger came out within a day of initial contact. Doug spent an hour and half crawling in every crack and cranny of our old home's crawl space. He took pictures, identified problems and explained everything perfectly. Clearly this was the most professional of the other contractors we had bid, but also the most expensive. We did not respond for a few weeks as we thought about the pros and cons with going with a less expensive contractor, but finally Doug's obvious professionalism and the good Angie reports won us over.

When we called Doug and told him he had the job, he came back over the next day to confirm everything and go over the job with us again. They began the job the following week. His gang was clean and professional and clearly enjoy their work. The job took one day longer then expected, but they did several things not included in the bid and we where so happy with the work we were witnessing that it did bother us a bit.

I can not emphasize how professional these guys are, they cleaned up so well every day they even took some of our garbage from a remodel job we are doing at the same time. They tied wires back up, removed old pipes and non-functioning old heater ducts all not part of the original bid. It is not fair to compare what other crawl space contractors do as it is like comparing apples and oranges, or more appropriately a Porsche to a VW bug.

The crawl space seriously looks so nice that I invite my friends when they come over to check it out. Who shows off their crawl space to friends?..... I do, now!
- Jim S. Lakewood, December, 2012

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I can not emphasize how professional these guys are... | I had someone else to do the repairs in 2010, wish I'd had Doug do it then! | If you want efficient and professional service with a smile, Crawl Space Solutions is the company to call. | Probably the best contractor I have ever worked with. | The team was very professional, clean, polite and courteous. | This was a very pleasant experience from start to finish. | Work was performed efficiently and completed within three days with little impact to us. | Would highly recommend this company to anyone needing crawl space restoration. |


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