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Honor and integrity are more than just words. They are the foundation of our company’s policies and business practices.Crawl Space Solutions is a Puget Sound company that is comprised of experienced crawl space professionals. We understand the needs of northwest home owners, their homes and their budgets. Our goal is to work with you to solve your crawl space needs. We were chosen by Angies List as one of the best companies in Washington State for 2013 and we are Super Service Award winners for 2012 and 2013.

We are simply dedicated to providing exceptional crawl space services at an affordable price. We follow up each project with a final inspection and we guarantee our customers complete satisfaction.

We back up our promise with a five year warranty that covers not only the materials but our workmanship as well. That means no surprises or additional costs to you and a beautifully reconditioned crawl space that will protect your home over time.

Our service area includes Pierce, Kitsap and Mason counties.

Once you have scheduled an appointment one of our technicians will come to your home and sit down with you to discuss your home and your crawl space concerns and needs. He is a trained listener. He will then spend some time in your crawl area to fully evaluate the entire space.

A typical evaluation will include:

• Moisture or standing water problems
• Any existing sump pumps
• Rodent infestation and their access points
• Condition of the beams, posts and sub floor
• Check for any sagging in the floor
• Any signs of mold or mildew
• Condition of the floor joist insulation (if any exists)
• Condition of the Vapor Barrier (if any exists)
• Condition of the foundation
• Condition of the air duct lines and the main trunk line coming from your furnace including checking for leaks
• Check insulation of all air duct lines
• Condition of the crawl space access door
• Take pictures of everything with a digital camera

Once the evaluation is complete the technician will prepare a written evaluation of your crawlspace along with our recommendations and a full written estimate. He will present the photos on a lap top computer so you can see for yourself the condition of your crawl space while listening to your options. We strive to make this a comfortable and informative meeting and never engage in high pressure sales tactics. If your crawlspace does not need work we will tell you so. We have testimonials to back this up.

Why we’re different. This will be the last vapor barrier you will need.

There are big differences in the quality of the vapor barriers being installed today. Many companies are installing a thin black 6 mil plastic that tears easily and can be purchased at the local hardware store for about $70.00. We install a commercial grade, high tensile strength membrane with unequaled puncture resistance that is designed for crawl spaces. We’ll show you the difference. Our installation method is different as well. While some installers “glue” the vapor barrier to the foundation wall we use a double sided reinforced black butyl rubberized tape and then install foundation pins so your vapor barrier will hold in place season after season. And we do this for about the same price or sometimes less.

We keep it clean and on time.

Our crews work hard to not only provide you with a premium product and service but also to respect your time and your home. If our project takes more than one day we will clean the area at the end of the day and remove all the trash. We show up on time and work at the fastest pace possible that will allow us to maintain our high standards. Depending on the size of the project most restorations can be completed in a day.

We’re there for you even after the project is completed.

Once your crawl space restoration is complete we will do a final inspection to make sure all the work has been completed to our high standards. In addition we will take pictures of your new crawl space and share them with you. We truly stand behind our work.

We look forward to serving you.

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